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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Good Times

Here's what we've been doing since we got here: pool, then eat, then drink, then sleep, then pool...

...and here's the "swag" that gave Nate to wear, but some of it he can't were on t.v. because it is a .com site which isn't allowed to be advertised on television.

Also, Nate will start is run for the final table at 12:00pm Sunday. Word is that the first rounds have been going as late as 3:30am! We'll be back tomorrow with LIVE coverage from Nate's table!


Blogger IndyJim said...

Nate, Good luck today! Jamie needs a new pair of shoes!!

By the way:
At what point do players take home any winnings?

Sun Jul 30, 09:00:00 AM MST  
Blogger The Nazz said...

The top 10% (about 800) players are "in the money".

Sun Jul 30, 12:25:00 PM MST  

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